Washington (State)

Craig S. Andersen
Attorney at Law
Morse & Bratt & Andersen, PLLC
108 East Mill Plain Boulevard
Vancouver, Washington 98660
Email: candersen@mbavancouverlaw.com
Phone: (360) 213-2040
Fax (360) 213-2030
Areas of Practice: Personal injury, employment and civil litigation.
Bar Admissions: Washington
RKBA Organizational Memberships: NRA, LEAA

Paul T. Ferris
Attorney at Law
Phone: 888-231-7040
Internet email: ptferris@washrecord.com
Website: http://www.washrecord.com
Areas of Practice: Restoration of Firearm Rights; Forfeiture Proceedings; Vacation of Conviction; Criminal Defense (Felony/Misdemeanor/Fish & Game Violations) Traffic Matters.
Bar Admissions: Washington
RKBA Organizational Memberships: NRA Member & Referral Attorney; Friends of NRA Sponsor; RMEF Member & Sponsor; Washington Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Mark S. Knapp
Law Office of Mark Knapp, PLLC
Phone: (253) 202-2081
Email address: knapp.m@comcast.net
Website: http://www.firearmslawyer.net/
Areas of practice: Constitutional law, Criminal Law, Discrimination/Firearms
Bar admissions: Washington
RKBA Organizational Memberships: NRA, Washington Arms Collectors, Paul Bunyan Shooting Club, Second Amendment Foundation

Stephen J. Kozer
Stephen J. Kozer P.S. Inc.
120 Grand Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: 360-676-1420
Fax: 360-676-1545
Email: abellinghamlawyer@yahoo.com
Areas of Practice: Criminal defense, Personal Injury, Vacate Convictions Restoration of GunRights
Bar Admissions: Washington State 1985
RKBA Organizalional Memberships: NRA, DU, RMEF, WAC , Custer Sportsmen's Club

David M. Newman
The Rainier Law Group, PLLC
Mailing address: PO Box 7328, Bellevue, WA 98008-1328
Office location: 1520 140th Ave NE, Suite 200, Bellevue, WA 98005-4501
Voice: 425-748-5200
Fax: 425-696-0049
Email: newman@rainierlaw.com
Website: http://www.rainierlaw.com
Areas of Practice: Firearms law (NICS appeals, restoration of possession rights, confiscation/forfeiture, protection orders), personal injury, civil and commercial litigation, education law.
Bar Admissions: Washington.
RKBA Organizational Memberships: NRA Business Alliance, Washington Arms Collectors.

James E. Oliver
Durflinger, Oliver and Associates
711 St. Helens Ave., Ste. 209
Tacoma, WA 98402
Phone (253) 683-4180
Fax (253) 683-4184
Email: jimoliverlaw@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.oliver-legal.com
Bar admissions: Washington State Bar, Puyallup Tribal Court, Tulalip Tribal Court.
RKBA organizational memberships: NRA, Bullseye Firing Range, Republican Precinct Committee Officer.

Elizabeth Powell
Attorney At Law
535 Dock Street, Suite 107
Tacoma, WA 98402
Phone: (206) 498-5215
Fax: (425) 663-7939
Internet email: powelllaw@comcast.net
Areas of practice: Domestic; real estate; vacate convictions, expunge non criminal conviction history with WSP databases; restoration of gun rights.
Bar admissions: Washington

Chad Sleight
Wheeler, Montgomery, Sleight and Boyd Law
902 Esther St
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone Number: 360-690-0064
Fax Number: 360-690-0068
Email: csleight@vancouverlaw.net
Website: http://www.vancouverlaw.net/
Bar Admissions: Washington State Bar
Areas of Practice: criminal defense, domestic violence, felony weapon possesion
RKBA Organizational Memberships: Friend of NRA

Marjorie Tedrick
Attorney at Law
Phone: (253) 859-8262
Fax: (253) 859-8295
Areas of Practice: Criminal Defense, FAA Pilot Certificate Actions and all cases involving the restoration of gun rights.
Bar Admissions: Washington State and Federal - Ninth Circuit; WSBA #17747
RKBA Memberships: Washington Assoc. of Criminal Defense Attorneys; Lawyers Second Amendment Society

Laurence R. Weatherly
1201 Third Ave, Suite 3200
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 623-1900
Fax: (206) 623-3384
Internet Email: lweatherly@kellerrohrback.com
Areas of Practice: I have a litigation practice, primarily civil defense work. I also teach a firearms law class to students taking the NRA basic firearms - personal protection class.
Bar Admission: Washington State
RKBA Organizational Membership: Life member, NRA.