New Members from NY and MN

Today I added Patrick B. Moore of Cambridge, Minnesota and Schuyler J. Gordon of New York, New York to The Shooters' Bar.


New Member from Indiana

Today I added Kirk S. Freeman of Lafayette, IN to The Shooters' Bar.

New Member from Virginia

Today I added Kristof Koletar of Virgina to The Shooters' Bar.

Retired from the Practice of Law

It's been several years since I actively practiced law, having shifted careers into information technology a while ago. I'm happy doing that and for me to return to legal practice would require a lot of getting to speed. The likelihood of that ever happening is effectively zero, so I've decided to officially retire from law.

I will still maintain The Shooters' Bar, as I believe it provides a valuable service to the pro-gun community.

New Address for Patrick Buckley

i updated the address for Patrick Buckley of Florida today.

New Member from South Carolina

I added Mary E. Parilla of South Carolina today.