Several Updates

Several updates today in CA, IL, MO, MS, VA, and WI.

New Member from IL

Today I added Jeremy Ramsey of IL to The Shooters' Bar.

Getting caught up

Several updates today to Colorado, Pennsylvania, Viriginia, and the addition of American attorney Lawrence Gordon who is living in Japan.

Many more updates

This morning I sent out an email blast to all the lawyers listed here on The Shooters' Bar. In reply, I've received many updated addresses and website URLs, etc. I've also started making the website URLs live links (most of them weren't unless you were running a special browser extension).

Many updates

I got caught up with a backlog of updates and additions today.

New Members from NY and MN

Today I added Patrick B. Moore of Cambridge, Minnesota and Schuyler J. Gordon of New York, New York to The Shooters' Bar.


New Member from Indiana

Today I added Kirk S. Freeman of Lafayette, IN to The Shooters' Bar.

New Member from Virginia

Today I added Kristof Koletar of Virgina to The Shooters' Bar.

Retired from the Practice of Law

It's been several years since I actively practiced law, having shifted careers into information technology a while ago. I'm happy doing that and for me to return to legal practice would require a lot of getting to speed. The likelihood of that ever happening is effectively zero, so I've decided to officially retire from law.

I will still maintain The Shooters' Bar, as I believe it provides a valuable service to the pro-gun community.

New Address for Patrick Buckley

i updated the address for Patrick Buckley of Florida today.

New Member from South Carolina

I added Mary E. Parilla of South Carolina today.

Several Additions

I added several attorneys today:

Eryk Gabhran Boston - VA
Cord Byrd - FL
Sasha S. Jonic - IL
Daniel L. Hawes -VA
Gabriel Raviv, Esq. - Our first in NV

We're back

We had a lightning strike which took out the server on which The Shooters' Bar was hosted. I've moved TSB to Hostgator so now we're back. My previous "What's New" page wouldn't publish for some reason, so I've replaced it with this blog page, but it'll serve the same purpose.

I have a few updates to the site which I should get up shortly.