Stephen D. Benson
Address: 102 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Suite 400
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903-1822
Phone: (719) 475-0709
Fax: (719) 634-2199
Areas of practice: Firearms law, military justice, criminal defense, child neglect respondent parent defense
Bar admissions: Colorado
RKBA Organizational Memberships: Colorado Bar Assn, NRA Life Member, Single Action Shooting Society Life Member

Terence J. Quinn
Attorney At Law
Phone: 970-328-7116
FAX: 970-328-7109
Areas of Practice: Criminal defense, real estate, family law, business, probate.
Bar Admissions: Colorado, Federal District Court.
RKBA memberships: NRA, Castle Peak Rifle And Pistol Club, The Gun Owners, Rocky Mtn. Gun Owners

Terry Ryan
The Terry Ryan Law Firm, LLC
800 Marshall Street
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone Number: 970-682-2069
Fax Number: 970-682-2069
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Bar Admissions: Colorado Bar Association, Second Amendment Bar Association
Areas of Practice: Second Amendment Law: Criminal Defense, NFA "Gun" Trusts, Restoring Gun Rights, Concealed Carry; Employment matters.
RKBA Organizational Memberships: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, National Association for Gun Rights, USCCA Attorney, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.